Rough Water Trials


US Navy Photo. USS Freedom

Marinelink is reporting that LCS-1, USS Freedom, has completed “Rough Water Trials” (Seakeeping and Structural Loads Trials) off the coast of Oregon. A couple of thoughts.

Did we do these instrumented tests with either the National Security Cutter or a Webber class?

The Navy took quite a while before they got around to doing these and has already made a lot of decisions in the absence of test results.

2 thoughts on “Rough Water Trials

  1. I’m not aware of an NSC doing “RWT”. I do know BERTHOLF was fully instrumented for the Fatigue Life Assessment Project testing back in 2008-2010. They installed stress/strain gauges and sensors all throughout the ship to capture two years worth of data to validate the models used to design the ships. This data was used to finalize the design mods on hulls 3-8 and determine the way ahead for the retrofit on hull 1-2. I’d say that testing (which included testing from Ecuador to Alaska) covered anything the Navy was doing.

    • I had heard about that, but forgot. That should do it.
      Sounds like a better approach than what the Navy is apparently doing, which is determining the limits of a design rather than correcting the design to bring it up to the standards as the Coast Guard has apparently been doing.

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