3 thoughts on “Museum Ships

  1. I only been on two former CG assets recently. Taney and LV 116 are doing ok. I was on Ingham many years ago and she is much better in Key West.

    In general, some ships look better than others. The Slater in Albany is beautiful.

    • Thanks, I did not realize the UK was doing this too. In fact, apparently, they were doing it long after the Coast Guard stopped.

      For those who were interested enough to follow the link, the “Flower Class” ships were about the size of 210s (205 feet to be precise). The “Castle Class” were
      an improved corvette design but still small (254 feet). During WWII the US used merchant ships originally but switched to Tacoma Class frigates that were based on the British River Class, manned by the Coast Guard. All three classes were powered by reciprocating steam. (https://chuckhillscgblog.net/2010/05/21/coast-guard-manned-frigates-in-wwii/)

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