Motor Surf Boats

gCaptain is featuring some photos of a 48 foot pilot and SAR boat, designed and built by Safehaven Marine of Cork, Irish Republic, in many ways similar to the Coast Guard’s own 47 foot motor lifeboat. A notable difference is that this vessel appears to have a rescue platform on the stern rather than the stepdowns built into the sides of the 47 footers.

The manufacture of the boat has some great photos of this and other boats they make in some very impressive severe weather conditions, along with links to video.

Looks like Cork is Europe’s version of Cape Disappointment.

Interestingly they also make a larger 55/56 foot boat like the one in the video above as well.

3 thoughts on “Motor Surf Boats

  1. Yeah the Safehaven guys put up some good photo’s/clips. And that’s just at the mouth of Cork harbour, they don’t have to go very far at all. There’s stories from WW2 where the MTB’s would get completely airborne at the same spot.

    The Barracuda is a new development that they’ve just announced, still not sure who they are aiming to sell it to to be honest.

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