India May Build OPVs with ASCMs

INS Saryu, the lead ship of her class of offshore patrol vessels of the Indian Navy. Indian Navy Photo

We have a report from, there is at least a possibility India’s future Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPVs) will be built with Anti-Ship Cruise Missiles ASCMs).

India’s leading defence shipyard, Goa Shipyard Ltd (GSL) has submitted a proposal to the Indian Navy to construct offshore patrol vessels (OPVs) armed with missiles.

“We have submitted a proposal to the Indian Navy that all the future OPVs should be developed with the missile on board.

That will give more combat muscle to the vessel. If fitted with missile, the pricing of the vessel goes up only by ten per cent,”

Of course, that does not necessarily mean the proposal will be accepted, but it would make sense, if the Indian Navy is, like the US Navy, thinking in terms of “Distributed Lethality.” Or as it is sometimes expressed, “If it floats, it fights.”

I found the 10% additional cost estimate interesting, but I suspect adding an ASCM capability to  the projected CG Offshore Patrol Cutters (OPCs) would probably be closer 5%, given the much higher cost of building the platform in the US. Manning requirement would probably increase at most three enlisted and an officer.


4 thoughts on “India May Build OPVs with ASCMs

    • To me corvette implies something with a speed of 30kts-ish and am OPV suggests something that has speed at best of 25kts and slower.

      This reminds me of that chap on Midrats who spoke about the USN’s need (in his opinion) to get the surface fleet back on an offensive footing. Many AShM don’t take up most space and with everything networked (I suppose even the ship’s radio is a data link at its most fundamental!) why not make use of the platform I suppose? I wish the modern RN took this fundamental more seriously; but they have the USN and EW and YouTube……

      • I like this approach because you go to war with the assets you have right now. not what you could have in 1-2 years when you mobilize, and arm the ready reserve fleet. I think LPD would make good flagships for coast guard maritime security squadrons tasked with ASW.

  1. LPDs are FAR too expensive as flagships besides what the USCG needs for expeditionary ops is a mothership type vessel as force enabler. Or just give the service the originally planned number of NSC~

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