1 thought on “Lightship LV-71, WWI U-Boat Victim Surveyed

  1. A dive boat capt I know said this:
    Not a new shipwreck site. Discovered in the late 80s we dived it several times then and I go there when I have a group of divers that are capable of the 200 foot depth. Being the Diamond Shoals lightship, it is located right off the end of the shoal in an area often subject to high current, so it takes a really good day to have great conditions. But when you do, it’s a very good dive.

    The main bell, which is very large, was recovered using four 500lb lift bags. Too heavy to get into the boat it was towed up onto the shoals and set down next to one of the shallow shipwreck sites there. Returning with a larger commercial trawler, the bell was recovered and is now on public display at the Graveyard of the Atlantic museum in Hatteras.

    Information about this sinking is related to the sinking of the Merak, which you can read about on my web site here, http://www.divehatteras.com/merak.html

    NOAA is here again doing surveys of our wreck sites. It is all preparatory work in turning all of offshore Hatteras into an expanded marine sanctuary based upon expansion of the Monitor sanctuary.

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