New Sail Training Ship for Vietnam

From the German Navy blog “Marine Forum,” 28 August, “VIETNAM, Full-rigged sail training vessel LE QUY DON, built by Polish shipyard Marine Projects for the Vietnamese Navy, is on its transfer voyage from Poland around the Cape of Good Hope to Vietnam … mixed Polish-Vietnamese crew for final trials and crew training enroute.”

More here.

3 thoughts on “New Sail Training Ship for Vietnam

  1. Nice ship, alround.

    There’s been rumours that some private funding might be found for Ireland to get a new Tall ship over the next decade as well to replace the Asgard, nothing this size obiviously though, it’s being billed as a North South move since NI lost the Lord Rankin as well.Hopefully something will come of that.

  2. From the German Navy blog, Marine Forum, 11 March, “VIETNAM, Formal commissioning of new Polish-built sail training vessel „Le Quy Don“ (286) during a ceremony at the Vietnamese Naval Academy in Nha Trang.”

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