France and Britain Building Ships for Antarctica

MarineLog reports the French are building a new vessel to support their presence in Antarctica. It is to be operated by the French Navy. Not a lot of details–The story is really about their choice of Wärtsilä equipment to power the ship. Looks like a typical offshore industry support vessel.

Meanwhile British shipyard Cammell Laird has announced that they have secured a contract to build a vessel to be operated by NERC’s British Antarctic Survey (BAS).

8 thoughts on “France and Britain Building Ships for Antarctica

  1. Good news for CL. The BAS do some good work. Shame there was no news of a larger replacement for HMS Protector in the SDSR2015 on Monday. Would have been a better buy than two further River class OPV we are getting to provide even more work between the end of QEC construction and the start of T26. Of course BAE probably don’t have suitable design on their shelf and it would be difficult to buy in one from outside………..

    • It was interesting to me to see how many times China was mentioned in the magazine. Apparently a lot of cooperation with shipyards in China. Also a new Chinese research icebreaker, page 8.

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