Bollinger to pay $8.5M in 123 foot WPB case

MarineLog reports, “DECEMBER 9, 2015 – Bollinger Shipyards will pay the United States $8.5 million and release contract claims to settle a False Claims Act action filed against it in the Eastern District of Louisiana, the Department of Justice announced today.”


8 thoughts on “Bollinger to pay $8.5M in 123 foot WPB case

  1. Actually, Bollinger is paying $9.5 million!!

    From “The Day” – New London, CT Newspaper:
    “Donald T. “Boysie” Bollinger, the former chairman and CEO of Louisiana-based Bollinger Shipyards Inc., which builds various types of Coast Guard cutters, donated $1 million, according to Wes Pulver, executive director of the museum association.”

    In regards to perception – how are folks that are involved with the CG Museum in very high positions or get lofty recognition, some of the same folks who come under the regulatory purview of the US Coast Guard?

    Just like Bollinger screwing over the Coast Guard w/the 123’s – this stinks to high heaven as well!

    Meanwhile, there is literally trees and shrubs growing in the small boat cradles of the 123’s in Baltimore today!

  2. Don’t worry Mike, I’m NOT implying I’m you!
    I actually wanted to know what your opinion was and when you were going to show up.

    I’m been one of your quiet fans for years – you call em’ out and there are lots who don’t like what you expose – especially the old folks club over at – What are they trying to protect?

    The relationship between Bollinger and the Coast Guard seems incestuous at best. Especially given all the former high officials of the Coast Guard retiring to cushy jobs there.


    Switching back to the story:
    “The claims resolved by the settlement are allegations only, and there has been no determination of liability.”

    What does this mean? Is this case over and they get off scott free?

    What now happens to the tree-planters (I mean 123’s) sitting in Arundel Cove at the Coast Guard Yard?

  3. Mike, what happens if the CG does file the contract default action? What are the next steps?

    Who told us this – they would not do that until the DoJ is done?

    Is the CG still a relevant party in this anymore in this case? Can’t the DoJ handle things from here on out? It’s not as though the CG would ever get anything out of it – anything goes straight to the treasury for congress critters to waste money on (oh wait, they don’t even need money to waste money!)

    …and finally, at what point can the CG scrap the remaining 123’s? The 110’s are being used for target practice down in NC by the Marines – when can the 123’s be towed down there too?

    • The CG told us they had to wait until the DoJ was done with their civil case to proceed with a contract action. I am not sure what the legal reason is. Maybe it was to see how that turned out. Or maybe a delay tactic to give Bollinger more contracts. Or a way out if the DoJ failed. If the CG blows this off we will know. (Remember my case was not dismissed on the merits.)

      The CG is now the relevant party because the DoJ civil part is done. (I assume there is no criminal part since nothing seemed to come from that side). The DoJ QuiTam goes after fraud not breech of contract. That is what the CG needs to pursue now. (Example if the issue was incompetence vs fraud). Since the DoJ pursued the case they obviously found fraud. The real issue is does the CG go after anyone? Do they go after ICGS or Bollinger? My assumption is that they have been so against the DoJ and so in bed with industry they do nothing. Evidenced by their trying to scuttle my case, Papp’s press statements knocking the DoJ and supporting Bollinger, the amount of work Bollinger has won and the CGs refusal to use the DW Performance Guaranty to get $billions back for the condition of the fleet.

      I think that unless there is a contract action the scrapping can start now.

      Call the CG and ask if they are taking any contract action.

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