Photo: “COAST GUARD IN VIETNAM: Five white 311-foot cutters of the recently established Coast Guard Squadron Three assigned to “Market Time” coastal surveillance in South Vietnam are tied up alongside Navy repair ship USS JASON (AR-8) after arriving at Subic Bay, P.I.  From the left are the USCGC HALF MOON, USCGC YAKUTAT, USCGC GRESHAM, USCGC BARATARIA, and USCGC BERING STRAIT.” Coast Guard Photo Rel. No. 6201; 4 August 1967; photo by CDR Richard Morse, USCG, commanding officer of Barataria.”

There is a new book available that includes extensive coverage of the Coast Guard role in the Vietnam war. Best of all it is free and is available for download in pdf format. Just click on the link.

VIETNAM, 1965–1968

Yes, I know it says US Navy, but it does seem to give the Coast Guard its due, despite the title.

Thanks to Lee for bringing this to my attention.

6 thoughts on “WAR IN THE SHALLOWS, VIETNAM, 1965–1968

  1. Operation Market Time was in today’s terms a joint operation. USN DERs patrolled the outer layer along with USCGC, the middle layer was made up of USCG 87 ft cutters and older types; the inner layer was patrolled by USN Swift boats. RVN junks and boats were used too on the inner and middle layers and at the end the outer layer. Read more about it @ Warboats.org here:

  2. My dad was on whec 382 on it’s first four if duty in Vietnam he passed away last December I enjoy reading about it it reminds me of him

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