Distributed Lethality–CIMSEC


Our friends at CIMSEC have had a week long look at the concept of Distributed Lethality, the Navy Surface Warfare Community’s concept of wide distribution of offensive anti-ship and possibly land attack systems, commonly summarized as, “If it floats, it fights.”

The Coast Guard does not appear to have been included in any of the discussion of this concept, but perhaps it should be.

CIMSEC has collected their recent posts on the subject. There is an intro and background information here, or you can just download the entire collection as a pdf here.

4 thoughts on “Distributed Lethality–CIMSEC

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  2. From the German Navy Blog, Marine Forum. 25 May, Russia, DefMin Shoigu: „By late 2020 … about half of the navy’s combat ships will be armed with Kalibr cruise missiles“

    Even if we not implementing distributed lethality, the Russians (and the Chinese) are.

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