Enlisted Memorial at Cape May


CoastGuardNews brought to my attention, a planned memorial for the approximately 1500 enlisted Coast Guardsmen who have died on duty since the establishment of the service in 1915.

Unfortunately this was the first I had heard of the project. You can see more information about the design of the memorial here. The home page for the CG Enlisted Memorial Foundation is here.

The Enlisted Memorial Foundation also maintains a data base. The Combat Deaths section was particularly interesting, although it did fail to include the men from the Seneca that were lost in WWI, it did bring to my attention an element of Coast Guard participation in WWII, I was not aware of. Six Coast Guardsmen were lost on the Navy destroyer transports (APD) Colhoun, Little, and Gregory during the early phase of the Guadalcanal campaign. These ships were WWI vintage destroyers that had boilers, weapons, and all their torpedoes removed so that they could serve as high speed transports. Presumably the Coastguardsmen were boat crew for the landing craft the destroyer transports used to land supplies and Marine Raiders.


USS Gregory (APD-3) early 1942, US Navy photo. Four of this class supported the early Guadalcanal campaign. Three were sunk, Colhoun by aircraft, Little and Gregory by Japanese destroyers. 

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