Contract Awarded for Remaining Webber Class


The Acquisitions Directorate has announced the award of a contract for the 26 remaining planned Webber Class Fast Response Cutters to Bollinger Shipyards LLC. Rather than the Multi-Year Procurement (MYP) I had hoped for, but really did not expect, this is a $318.6M contract for six with options for the remaining twenty in groups of four to six. It is really not to late to think about a MYP in FY2017 or 2018 since right now, neither the shipyard nor the Coast Guard have any definitive assurance that the remaining ships, beyond the first six in the contract, will be completed. Each additional year’s increment is dependent on future appropriations.

Currently the program has delivered 17 vessels. 15 more are under construction or have been funded. The 26 expected to be procured under this contract will complete the 58 in the program of record.

These vessels are 154×26.6×9.5 ft. 28 knots, with a crew of 22 (normally actually 24). They are armed with Mk38 mod2 or mod3 stabilized 25mm gun and four crew served .50 cal.

1 thought on “Contract Awarded for Remaining Webber Class

  1. It only makes sense to go to MYP for a vessel or aircraft in the series production phase, but the Congress likes to have chains to pull on the services~

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