Alaska, FY2017 Budget, Homeports


Some interesting little notes from Alaska Dispatch News here and here.

From the first:

“…in the appropriations bill passed out of committee Thursday, Murkowski secured language directing the Coast Guard to consider basing a national security cutter near the Arctic. The bill also directs the Coast Guard to station two offshore patrol cutters in Kodiak and appropriated $325 million for fast-response cutters, two of which are scheduled to be stationed in Ketchikan in 2017.”

From the second:

  • CG Base Kodiak: Murkowski secured $22 million for upgrades to CG Base Kodiak to support future OPC homeporting and current NSC operations.

  • Search and Rescue: Murkowski secured language directing the Secretary of Homeland Security to report on the plans of the Coast Guard to ensure long-term search and rescue capabilities in the Arctic.

  • Response Capabilities: Murkowski inserted an amendment directing the Secretary of Homeland Security to report on the Coast Guard’s plans to ensure it is capable of conducting its response missions throughout the Bering Sea and Arctic Ocean.

I think we could make a good case for homeporting two or even three OPCs in Kodiak, but don’t think we will see any NSCs homeported in Alaska.

Replacing the 110s in Alaska with the more seaworthy Webber class as quickly as possible also makes a lot of sense. We might want to put a couple at Dutch Harbor as well.

Thanks to Daniel for bringing this to my attention. 


2 thoughts on “Alaska, FY2017 Budget, Homeports

  1. Oh please don’t put any FRCs in Dutch. First they’d be hard pressed to get out most of the year to do any patrolling and second it would be a nightmare for the crews and logistic support.

  2. Welcome to the world of provincial politics. Notice how all of the above are basically a meadnt os later MILCON requests? Got to keep the constituents happy~

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