UN Command doing Fisheries in S. Korea

I find this report from MarineLink a bit curious.

South Korea and the U.N. Command, which overseas the Korean War armistice, said on Friday they had begun a joint operation to keep Chinese fishing vessels from operating illegally off the west coast.”

Why would the UN command be interested in enforcing fisheries regulation? It maybe because the area in question has been a flash point in the conflict between North and South Korea. Still seems a little strange.

1 thought on “UN Command doing Fisheries in S. Korea

  1. Because Chinese fishing vessels are some of the worst belligerents in the ongoing dispute over the South China Sea. They are responsible for many of the collisions, rammings and pursuits of fishing vessels from other nations. It was reported that a large Chinese trawler pursued and ran straight over the top of a smaller wooden Vietnamese boat, sinking it with the Vietnamese crew still onboard. It is known that the Chinese Maritime Militia embark on many fishing boats and instigate confrontations with foreign vessels.
    More on the Chinese Maritime Militia in the following article, dated June 2016:

    It’s all part of why Coastguards are the front line in this conflict. So long as it only involves civilians or police, escalation is prevented, but even without military grade weaponry, steel-hulled trawlers driven by so-called ‘militia’ who dress themselves in camo can do, and are doing, a lot of damage.

    Thus, to answer your question: the UN are well aware of this and are engaging in deterrence patrols in fishing zones to make sure the Chinese Maritime Militia don’t come and pick a fight with the Korean fishing fleet in their home waters.

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