New South Korean Patrol Craft

According to the local news agency Yonhap, South Korea's Navy launched a new fast patrol boat to help counter North Korea's hovercraft force along its maritime demarcation line, the military said Thursday July 28, 2016.
An artist rendering of South Korea’s new Chamsuri-211 fast patrol boat
(Credit: Yonhap)

NavyRecognition is reporting the South Korean Navy will be getting the first of a new class of Patrol Craft in late 2017. It is a bit smaller than the Webber class at 44 meters in length and 210 tons. It is designed specifically to counter North Korean Hovercraft. It is armed with a 76 mm gun and a pair of remotely operated, radar controlled 12.7mm (.50 cal.) machine guns. The unusual weapon seen on the stern is a launcher for 130mm (5.1″) guided rockets (apparently twelve) . (I suspect these are actually guided versions of the 5″ Zuni rocket, much like the APKWS is a guided version of the Hydra rocket. )

The vessels is expected to have a max speed of about 40 knot and will apparently be powered by waterjets. I don’t see any boat on the artist impression above.

2 thoughts on “New South Korean Patrol Craft

  1. considering the ROK-N rates this as a PC, I would say its a good design. But given the design features, helo deck, weapons and sensors, in many navies it would be a corvette or frigate AND a very decent one at that.
    That they might be lacking a boat to launch is peculiar? But it is afte rall a anti-FIAC ship.
    If the Koreans produce these in numbers, I would expect some foreign sales (like the PI?).

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