Fatal Encounter–Russian Coast Guard/North Korean F/V

File:Russia, Flag of border service 2008.svg

Russian Coast Guard Naval Ensign

DW.com reports there has been a violent encounter between the Russian Coast Guard and a North Korean fishing vessel.

Reportedly, the North Korean vessel was boarded inside the Russian Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). After the boarding party found illegal catch, the F/V, with a crew of 48, attempted to resist the boarding party, take their weapons, and flee the Russian EEZ with the boarding party still aboard.

The Russian Coast Guard enforcement vessel used disabling fire into the North Korean vessel. One member of the boarding party sufffered a head injury and nine North Koreans were injured, one of whom subsequently died.

Clearly fishing is taken very seriously in Asia. This and previous incidents may point to increasing desperation on the part of fishermen as a result of overfishing.

Thanks to Luke for bringing this to my attention. 

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