Alex Haley’s Last Sistership



LastStandOnZombieIsland reports USCGC Alex Haley’s last sister ship, the former
USS Beaufort (ATS-2), now the Republic of (South) Korea Navy Ship ROKS Peyongtaek (ATS-27), is to be decommissioned and scrapped.

The blog has a suggestion that might be worth pursuing.

“Maybe the South Koreans will let the USCG go over Peyongtaek for spare parts before they send her to the breakers.”

These ships were built in Britain by Broke Marine. That is very unusual for any US Navy ship. It probably also means finding spares may be more difficult that it would be for a US built ship.

Thanks to MSR for bringing this to my attention. 

3 thoughts on “Alex Haley’s Last Sistership

  1. I was the ship superintendent at Norfolk Naval Shipyard for an overhaul of the Edenton (as the Alex Haley was named in USN service). My memory of the history of these ships is that they were built in Great Britain as part of an offset deal for the Brits purchasing F-4 Phantoms from the US.

  2. Yes Brit built, not specifically for offset. We got them as surplus. I remember hearing stories about how the regular navy supply system couldn’t get parts, so they asked MSC which could~

  3. I served aboard her when she was ATS-1, 1978-1981 – we had good times mostly – lots of liberty ports in the Med. Not so fun – recovering Marine pilots who took their planes swimming, or towing targets off of Puerto Rico – and that humdinger of a storm off the coast of Spain with the 25′ seas.

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