110 WPBs for Costa Rica


US Coast Guard Cutter Knight Island (WPB-1348), photo by Rnendza

Some how I missed this when it came out, but the Tico Times reports the Coast Guard is planning on donating two of the 110 foot WPBs to Costa Rica this year.

That will bring to six the number escorted including two to the Republic of Georgia, two to Pakistan, and these two.

Thanks to Sanjay Badri-Maharaj for bringing this to my attention. 

17 thoughts on “110 WPBs for Costa Rica

      • No I don’t think so. Costa Rica is pretty anti-military. Their coast Guard is about the only military they have and I don’t expect them to increase its size substantially.

      • No, Nicky, I don’t expect them to get any ships much larger than the 110s at least not for a decade or two. The have two coasts but their EEZ is relatively small. They certainly will not call it a Navy.

      • In all Honesty, I think Costa Rica should rebuild a Military in the same fashion as Switzerland and have a same Navy in the same fashion as the Irish Naval Service and the Icelandic Coast Guard. I think the Icelandic Coast Guard & US Coast Guard Model would fit Costa Rica

      • Nicky, the USCG has been working with the Costa Rican Coast Guard for 30 years or more. I went down there myself to meet with the USCG liaison officer who was working with the Costa Ricans. That was 1990 or maybe a little earlier.

    • I’d like to see Costa Rica have a Coast Guard modeled after the US Coast Guard, Icelandic Coast Guard or the Irish Naval Service. Look at the Irish Naval Service, their largest ship is Samuel Beckett-class offshore patrol vessel. Imagine if they can get something like the Samuel Beckett-class offshore patrol vessel or the Róisín-class patrol vessel.

    • Here’s my question for ya, What if you had Costa Rica model their Coast Guard after the Irish Naval Service. They don’t operate a big Navy but they operate a Navy that likens to a Coast Guard.

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