Mk20 mod1 Electro Optic Sensor System

Mk20 mod1 Electro Optic Sensor System (EOSS)

Mk20 Mod1 Electro Optic Sensor System (EOSS)

Two reports by NavyRecognition from the Surface Navy Symposium on the L3 Mk20 Mod1 Electro Optic Sensor System (EOSS). The video report above discusses the system from time 00:45 to 2:55, and there is this short written post reporting successful testing. Reportedly this EOSS will weigh half as much as the previous mk20 mod0 system, but have greater resolution and range. According to the report it is currently planned to be installed aboard U.S. Navy Cruisers/Destroyers and U.S. Coast Guard Cutters, presumably the Offshore Patrol Cutters (OPC).

The earlier Mk20 Mod0 is on the National Security Cutter.

The three parts visible are, I believe, a day light TV camera, a thermal imaging camera, and a laser range finder. I wonder if it could also function as a laser target designator?

Other than using it as a firecontrol for ASuW and AAW, this system can be used for:

– Spotting and kill assessment
– Target detection and identification
– Naval gunfire support
– Safety check-sight
– Location and track of man overboard
– Channel position and navigation


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