“Saltwater-Proof” Rifle for Coasties by a Coastie

Battle Rifle Company displays its new BR4 Cutlass rifle in a fishtank at SHOT Show to demonstrate its waterproof qualities. Photo by Hope Hodge Seck

Kit Up! has a story about a company making a rifle designed to continue functioning after prolonged exposure to saltwater.

Interestingly, the production manager for the Battle Rifle Company’s BR-4 Cutlass maritime rifle, is a former Coastie, Karl Sorken.

Thanks to Bill Smith for bringing this to my attention.  

2 thoughts on ““Saltwater-Proof” Rifle for Coasties by a Coastie

    • The Firearms Blog is a pretty good source. I note that article was written a little over 2 years ago, and in spite of being highly up on the firearms industry, I had never heard of them.

      After seeing your link from Facebook, I started doing some searching. That post from TFB is not the only bad review. In fact, a couple of supportive video reviews still noted problems, particularly with ejection/stovepipes and forward rail system mounting screws.

      Probably not a good sign theses haven’t been corrected over a two-year period…

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