“SNA 2017 Surface Navy Association Day 3 – Part 2/2”–NavyRecognition

This is one of a series of videos from NavyRecognition discussing sponsors’ presentations at the Surface Navy Symposium. This one includes:

  • Extended Range Harpoon from 00:20 to 02:45
  • SeaRAM launcher from 02:45 to 05:15
  • RAM Block 2 from 05:15 to 5:45
  • Lockheed Martin export Multi Mission Surface Combatant 5:45 to 7:00
  • Curtis-Wright towed sonar (TRAPS) 7:00 to 08:30
  • Atlas North America SeaCat AUV 08:30 to 10:54

The things I found interesting were:

  • The growing use of SeaRAM, which has been being fitted to the trimaran Independence Class LCS, has replaced Phalanx on some destroyers and will replace the Mk49 RAM launcher on the mono-hull Freedom Class beginning with LCS-17. It is also expected to be fitted on the follow on LCS derived Frigate as well. If things start to get tense we may see these on NSCs and OPCs as well.
  • The fact that the extended range RAM Block 2 is now operational. The SeaRAM has the same degree of autonomy as Phalanx but because it is a “fire and forget” missile, will be able to engage multiple incoming anti-ship missiles at extended range.
  • More info on the Curtis-Wright TRAPS containerized active passive towed array which should be able to fit on anything WMEC sized and larger.

2 thoughts on ““SNA 2017 Surface Navy Association Day 3 – Part 2/2”–NavyRecognition

  1. DOT&E 2016FY report, some highlights on Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM) Block 2, still work in progress.
    “Insufficient data exist to characterize RAM Block 2’s performance against all the anti-ship cruise missile (ASCM) threats the missile is intended to defeat. This condition will continue until the Navy completes RAM Block 2 IOT&E, which is expected in late 2017.
    Due to the Navy’s inability to develop a Multi-Stage Supersonic Target (MSST), no assessment of RAM Block 2’s capability against MSST-like ASCM threats is possible.
    The Navy has not tested RAM Block 2’s ability to home-on and destroy helicopter, slow aircraft, and surface threats thus no assessment of RAM Block 2’s capability in this secondary mission area is possible.”

    Problem with effective integration of RAM with the SSDS, Cmd & Ctrl Sys, used with LPD 17, LHA 6, LSD 41/49, LCS Freedom, CVN 68 ship classes with the 21 round RAM Guided Missile Launch System version using the RAM Blk 2 missiles. The SSDS computer software not properly sequenced for the second firing of RAM as the IR homing head will be suborned by infrared signal from explosion of first ASCM while ignoring the second incoming ASCM. Not clear if applicable to SeaRAM software.

    Click to access 2016ram.pdf

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