USCG in February USNI Proceedings


The February issue of the US Naval Institute Proceedings has three articles of particular interest to the Coast Guard. Two are available to non-members

The third is behind the membership firewall.

“The Coast Guard Needs More Than Another Icebreaker,” by LCdr. Shawn Lansing, USCG

Recently Proceedings has added a new feature, “World’s Coast Guard” again by Jim Dolbow. The February issue looks at the revival of the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard. This is also behind the membership firewall.

(Jim Dolbow is a Coast Guard reservist and was editor of the Coast Guardsman’s Manual, 10th edition, published by the Naval Institute Press. On a personal note, he also encouraged me to get into blogging.)

7 thoughts on “USCG in February USNI Proceedings

  1. What is the thrust of LCdr. Shawn Lansing, USCG’s article? Thetis class like ships (that ice-strengthened cutters)? More aircraft? More unmanned platforms?

  2. The National Guard is DoD, but under state control during peace time. Why can’t the coast guard.
    The DoD would/Should control the Coast Guards Budget, but they would still be under DHS during peace time. And the Commadant would take his rightful place among the joint chiefs. more so than the head of the National Guard.

    Realistically the National Guard should be DHS, but nobody has ever brought that up.
    You would almost have to do it so that no matter how much the navy’s budget is the USCG would legally get a certain percentage. Which would still be way more than what we are getting now. USCG = Small surface combatants, maritime security/Enforcement
    Navy = Power Projection.
    and there will be overlaps in capabilities which is a good thing not a bad.

      • Low end doesn’t mean low capability, or quality. It’s the right tool for the right job, in the right quantity.
        FFG-7’s were the low end
        F-16’s were the low end.
        SC-130J would be the low end compared to the P-8 ASW/Spy plane.
        I think that is what people need to realize.

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