“Save the Coast Guard!” Write In Campaign–Navy League

The Navy League has made it easy to contact both the both law makers and the Administration to express your concern for reported plans to cut the Coast Guard budget by 14%, Use the link below.

If you are not a Navy League member, the stock letter will require some editing, but I really think the most important thing is to add to the numbers.


Thanks to Lee for bringing this to my attention.

4 thoughts on ““Save the Coast Guard!” Write In Campaign–Navy League

  1. DHS using the CG as a bank to save other dept.s budgets. Biggest reason to move the Coast Guard out of the DHS.

  2. As a side note, the Emergency Management community has taken note of this threat and is expressing concern about it, given the USCG’s important role in disaster response. I will urge members to write in about this.

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