Novel Gun Mount


NavalToday has a short piece on the new German F-125 frigate. It is primarily to show the video above, of the frigate firing its 27mm guns and 5″/64 Otobreda.

The unusual aspect of the video is the way the mounts for the 27mm guns lean out (see 1:25). I’m not sure it is worth the complication, but it does permit the gun to fire at targets close alongside near the waterline. It probably means it can be fired on bearings closer to the bow and stern too.

Thanks to Mike R. for bringing this to my attention. 

5 thoughts on “Novel Gun Mount

  1. One would think using the ‘lift’ in the upper handling room for 5″ projectiles would slow the rate of fire. Why not just man handle? Any in shape guy or gal could handle 55 pounds.

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