“Breaking Ice: The Next Icebreaker Will Be a Navy-Coast Guard Partnership”–Office of Naval Research

US Coast Guard photo by PO Patrick Kelley

The Office of Naval Research’s online magazine, “Future Force,” has some insights into how they are approaching the task of helping to design the Coast Guard’s new heavy icebreakers.

It also seems to indicate the Navy is increasingly thinking about operating surface ships in the Polar regions and that they are realizing, its very hard.

They are looking at the capabilities of non-ice-strengthened ships in polar regions and at the effects of ice loading. Considering we have been sending National Security Cutters into the Arctic their findings should also be of some interest to us.

6 thoughts on ““Breaking Ice: The Next Icebreaker Will Be a Navy-Coast Guard Partnership”–Office of Naval Research

  1. Well ONR did NOT get its ice classed T-AGS so their tests have to be loaded on some ship heading to Polar regions, so why not hope on this billion buck program?

    • Very interesting, they are recommending a single class of four heavy icebreakers as a block buy. ““All-in” cost of the first heavy icebreaker will be around $983 million, but with a block buy program and others savings, like reducing some mil-spec requirements, the average cost over building all four vessels could be brought down to $791 million each.”

      • How Much did the NOAA chip in to build Healy ,and how much do they pay towards operations(not man power) on non ice breaking missions?

        Have they ever designed a Medical ISO as a way to expand the medical capabilities of the ship? I know stupid question.

  2. https://news.usni.org/2017/10/19/coast-guard-releases-heavy-icebreaker-draft-request-for-proposals

    “The Coast Guard and Navy today released a draft request for proposals to industry for the detail design and construction of the Heavy Polar Icebreaker.

    The draft RFP covers construction of the first ship, with options for two more.

    Responses to the draft RFP are due Dec. 11, and the Coast Guard and Navy will release a final RFP early next year, to support a Fiscal Year 2019 contract award. Naval Sea Systems Command has provided contracting and other support to the Coast Guard for this major acquisition program.”

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