2018 Budget Request

The FY 2018 budget request has been published.

There is:

The overview includes “2016 Performance Highlights.” Also included is a page that says what the Coast Guard does on an average day.

On page 12 of the Overview, you can see a comparison of the FY 2018 President’s Budget request compared to the FY 2016 revised enacted and FY 2017 annualized budgets. The FY 2018 request is approximately $440M less than the FY 2017 annualized.  On the other hand this request is $339M more than the FY 2017 Presidential request. I think we can expect some changes before it becomes law.

1 thought on “2018 Budget Request

  1. I like the what they do everyday list. It is the only consistent historical feature of the Coast Guard. In the past the notations were annual because the numbers looked better. Nevertheless, this isn’t history or a real representation. It is statistics. Ezra Clarke be began the statistical format for the cutters in 1880. It hasn’t changed since.

    People in general do not like statistics because they are alkaline remarks about people. The Coast Guard needs narrative to put life in the numbers.

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