New DHS?

John Kelly official DHS portrait.jpg

Photo: Outgoing DHS Secretary, John Kelly

It was recently announced that Retired Marine General John Kelly is the new White House Chief of Staff.

This, of course, means he will no longer be Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security and the Coast Guard’s Service Secretary. This may be unfortunate for the Coast Guard, but it may be good to have him close to the President.

Who will be next? Let the speculation begin.

As Shakespeare said, “Surely a worse one will come in his place.”

The President does seem to like military officers. Is it too much to hope for a former USCG Commandant?

8 thoughts on “New DHS?

    • To be honest we need somebody like Yost, or somebody that served with the USCG in a hostile zone of operations. Papp I think would be the wrong choice. Coast Guard needs to get out of the PC lifesaver role, and go old school maritime security/Revanue cutter service. Thad Allen would be good since he started the ball before Papp cut it off. Papp is too old school USCG IMHO. If we want the service to change, the leaders have to change first.

      • I’m not knocking the lifesaving part either. The RCS adopted the mission in 1837 aiding mariners in distress. It’s that it’s been shoved down the USCG throats for 100 years at the expense of everything else since combining with the LSS IMHO.

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