Senate Appropriations Committee Budget Recommendation

HMAS Success (AOR-304) refuelling probe goes in for a hook-up with the US Coast Guard Cutter USCGC Waesche (WMSL-751) as the Royal Australian Navy Auxilliary Oiler Replenishment Ship conducts a dual RAS (Replenishment at Sea) off the coast of Hawaii during the Sea Phase of Exercise RIMPAC 2014, 19 July 2014. (RAN Photo by Leading Seaman Brenton Freind RAN)

News on the FY2018 budget (edited for a Coast Guard readership):

“The Senate Committee on Appropriations today released the FY2018 chairmen’s recommendation and explanatory statement for the Department of the Homeland Security.”

Bill Highlights:

U.S. Coast Guard – $11.2 billion, including $7.3 billion to fully fund personnel and operations.  The Coast Guard once again set a record in FY2017 by interdicting nearly 500,000 pounds of cocaine on the high seas, and the bill recommends continued investment in the Coast Guard capabilities that are enabling this success.  The bill recommends $1.8 billion to continue a historic recapitalization of Coast Guard assets, including:
•    $540 million for construction of National Security Cutter 10.
•    $95 million for long lead time materials for National Security Cutter 11.
•    $450 million for construction of Offshore Patrol Cutter 1.
•    $50 million for long lead time materials for Offshore Patrol Cutter 2.
•    $240 million for four Fast Response Cutters.
•    $19 million to support Polar Icebreaker acquisition.
•    $6 million to accelerate recapitalization of the Inland River Tender fleet

This is good news with Acquisition, Construction, and Improvement funding near the $2B annually the Coast Guard really needs. A bit surprised at the continuation of the NSC program. Not that we can’t use them.

Thanks to Luke for bringing this to my attention. 

OPC “Placemat”

12 thoughts on “Senate Appropriations Committee Budget Recommendation

  1. Amazing, to think that at one time there could have been only six NSC’s and now funding for the 11th! Certainly much to be Thankful for.

    • And you got to wonder how many of those were “congressional plus-ups” aka pork to the local folks? The appropriations system stinks.

      Not saying the USCG shouldn’t get the force it needs, just be honest about paying for it.

      • Keeping the production line hot. NSC derived design has a shot at the Navy Frigate program.

        Good for the Coast Guard in any case.

      • I would not be shocked if the US Navy takes the NSC design as a basis for their Frigate. It would drive the cost down and be a win-win for both the USCG/USN.

  2. Wow! 11 NSCs? Think they’ll make it an even dozen? I wonder if the OPC class size will be cut to compensate for the extra NSCs? Looks like steel will begin being laid for the OPCs in the near future too…

  3. The NSC line may be kept open to support future FFX. It’s also not inconceivable that any ships over the original eight might be refitted as frigates.

  4. Nicky while the HII patrol frigate design might work as FFG(X). you are missing the point. Having Ingalls build MORE surface warships OVER tasks that yard. The Navy would just get in line BEHIND all the other ship builds in production. And wait its turn. This country has GOT to build at MORE shipyards than the top tier!
    AND the Navy MUST get new blood into its warship design by using an EXISTING foreign design built here

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