The 378 (WHEC) Project Group–On Facebook

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There is a group on Facebook with the stated intention of obtaining a Hamilton Class 378 foot WHEC for use as a museum exhibit to be added to the Coast Guard Museum in New London. I have provided a copy of their “about” statement below. You can find the group here:

We are a large group of Coast Guard Veterans in the process of acquiring a 378′ High Endurance Cutter to convert into a museum. The response from Veterans all over the country has been overwhelming. We are determined to succeed. We are a non-profit corporation with a board of directors. Our CEOs name is Steve Howard and he is presently with a Coast Guard Attorney in negotiations with Comandant Zukunft and MCPOCG Patton for one of four 378s still in service. MCPOCG Patton is also on the board of directors of the National Coast Guard Museum. He informed me that the museum wanted a 378 to display. The 378 is unique. It was the first warship, in both the Coast Guard  or Navy,  equipped with twin jet turbine engines, bow thrusters, variable pitch props, helicopter flight deck, aluminum superstructure and fly by wire helms. It also had stealth tech, forerunner of Littoral. They served with  distinction in Vietnam as well as their roles in search and rescue and law enforcement. At least on of these ships should be preserved and that is our mission. Won’t you please find it in your heart to either volunteer and/or donate. We are getting the paperwork done so that you can deduct your contribution from your taxes. Join us!

3 thoughts on “The 378 (WHEC) Project Group–On Facebook

  1. I think it’d be really cool. I get that it may compete with Eagle, but there’s nothing wrong with having two flashy displays. Nothing like the young ones having a hard time deciding which one to see first. More the merrier.

  2. I doubt the 378’s would go to a Museum. There are countries the US is helping build a creditable Navy/Coast Guard in places like Liberia, Philippines, Kenya or even Georgia

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