Coast Guard Would Play a Role in DoD’s North Korea Contingency Plan–Military.Com reports a conversation with the Commandant that touched on possible Coast Guard participation if there should be a restart of the Korean War (it has never officially ended). There really isn’t a lot here.

“We are written into the campaign plans for North Korea,” Adm. Paul Zukunft said this week in an interview with at the Coast Guard’s Washington, D.C. headquarters. “So I’ve got a force identified; if called upon, it must be ready to carry out that mission as well.”

“Most plans are written to ask for everything and we’ve got a lot more going on in the world than just the [Democratic People’s Republic of Korea] right now,” he said. “…But we’ve got ships, planes, port security units that are written into these campaign plans.”

Not much detail, but good to know they are thinking about us.

The Commandant reminds us,

“They’re already doing current-day missions,” he said, of the elements identified for action. “I have no force in garrison. We will have to stop doing something else if we have a much bigger away game in support of a military campaign.”

That is of course true of our active duty assets, but we do have reserves which have been called on repeatedly to support the “Global War on Terror.” Beefing up the reserves is something we have not talked about much.

My earlier post concerning how the Coast Guard might be employed if the US attempted to blockade North Korea is here.

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