Polar Icebreaker Cruise Ship LNG Hybrid

Marine Link reports award of a $320M contract for construction of a 30,000 gross ton 150 meter Polar Class 2 expedition vessel to be powered by a hybrid LNG/electric power plant. “The vessel can accommodate 270 passengers in 135 staterooms, in addition to a crew of 180 persons.”

It is expected to host two helicopters and 16 Zodiac dinghies.

They think they can take it to the geographic North Pole.

5 thoughts on “Polar Icebreaker Cruise Ship LNG Hybrid

  1. http://cruisepassenger.com.au/49629-2/

    “They maintain the technology will allow her to sail “in total safety and the greatest of comfort” through an ice floe that is more than 2.5 metres thick and compression ridges of more than 10 metres.”

    (2.5 m is 8.2 ft, 10 m is 32.8 ft)

    If that’s true, then this vessel is a true heavy polar icebreaker in terms of both hull strength and icebreaking capability, second only to the Russian nuclear-powered icebreakers.

    Breaking 8+ ft thick ice may spill a few drinks in the dinner table, though…

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