Metal Shark to Build Navy’s New PB(X)

Navy’s new PB(X) to be built by Metal Shark

MarineLog reports the award of a contract for up to 50 new 40 foot (12 meter) patrol boats for the Navy.

Subject to annual appropriations, the Navy intends to replace approximately 100 to 160 of its existing 25-foot and 34-foot CRF (Coastal Riverine Forces –Chuck) patrol boats with the larger and more modern PB(X) platform over the next fifteen years.
The Navy has placed an initial, immediate order for eleven of the new vessels. Under the terms of the award, potentially worth over $90 million, Metal Shark will build up to 50 PB(X) vessels for the Navy, along with trailers, spares and training packages, and technical support.

8 thoughts on “Metal Shark to Build Navy’s New PB(X)

  1. These boats are replacing the many old harbor and inshore boats the Navy has once part of the MESF. While NEMO is a good weapon, not sure it is intended for this class/ize of patrol boat? There are drawings of the PBX with a Mk 38 on the bow.
    Rather, I think that weapon would be good on the also new and larger NCPV that the US Navy is building for “United States partner nations being procured for FMS” our neighbors to the south.
    see this link:

    • Smallest boat to date that mount a 120mm “NEMO” Automortar is the Marine Alutech Oy Ab “M12″ of Finland, which is also a 12-meter boat (actual size is ~14.25-meters (~46’09”). While the PB(X) actually measures ~13.39-meters (~43’11”)…

  2. more about the NCPV from Metal Shark press release:
    Metal Shark will build up to thirteen 85-foot Defiant-class welded aluminum cutters for the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and other United States partner nations. Additionally, Metal Shark will supply electro-optical infrared sensors, diagnostic equipment, in-country reactivation, crew familiarization, and test support to NCPV operators.
    The new vessels are based on Damen Shipyards’ Stan Patrol 2606 design, tailored by Metal Shark to suit the requirements of the NCPV mission. The versatile cutter can accommodate a wide range of mission profiles including search and rescue, border patrol, police and customs duties, counter-narcotics operations, and securing waters of economic importance.

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