Whistle Blower Gets Lockheed to Fix NSC Radios

NSC 5 James on builders trials in the Gulf of Mexico March 30, 2015.

BreakingDefense reports, 

“WASHINGTON: A Lockheed Martin engineer risked much claiming his company knew the radio system it was building for the Coast Guard didn’t work as advertised. The company settled the suit, agreeing to pay $2.2 million in fines and to fix the radios on the National Security Cutters, which should cost another $2.2 million.

“The whistleblower, Stu Rabinowitz, may not be able to work for Lockheed anymore, but he is receiving a $990,000 payment. The statement by the US Attorney’s Office in Northern California says he’s a former employee.

The defect affected the cutters ability to communicate simultaneously on more than one frequency.


10 thoughts on “Whistle Blower Gets Lockheed to Fix NSC Radios

  1. Back in the Late ’80’s there was a US Government Building near where I worked called the US Army Material Command Center or “AMC” or just simple “Ike” because of the Street Address. The AMC’s “SOLE”Function was to Test Pre-Procurement Equipment to see IF what the Manufactures CLAIM and What Product Actually DID were the Same Thing. I find it hard to believe that the US Navy/USCG “BUY’s” Solely on the Manufacturers WORD Alone…

  2. Buy on the vendors word is the new in thing, that is related to privatizing things, letting the vendor write the specs, also the in thing is to pay the vendor to fix their errors.

    Some vendors are so slimy that when they bid a contract they make a list of the errors in the design and submit a low bid and then charge much money to fix the design problems that they should have flagged in the review process

    • In May 2017, Huntington-Ingalls was Finded ~$9.3-Million USD for Overcharging the US Government ~$250-Million USD for Work Never Performed. Whistle Blower was rewarded, but ~40 Low Level Managers were Fired. For decisions made on the Executive Level (i.e. Board of Directors)…

    • While I am glad Stu spoke up he only did so after my case on C4ISR was successful and congress kicked ICGS off the lead of the program. Stu was my RF engineer and refused to get involved beyond telling me the SRP radios were not water-proof. At the time he asked me not to get him involved because he was afraid to lose his job. Something I am actually sympathetic with. As I understand it he only filed the QuiTam after he was laid off. I assume this means he would not have come forward otherwise.

    • Mr. DeKort, in his commentary, appears to have me confused with someone else. I received one phone call from him, several months after the release of his internet video alleging defects in the 123 foot patrol boats. At the time of his call, I had only a secondary role in the project. Mr. DeKort asked me if I knew of any “similar issues” with the NSC. He indicated that if I could provide him with information, he would “not have to use my name.” I answered that I was not aware of any issues. There had been no discussion of waterproof radios or of job loss risks.

      Stu Rabinowitz

      • I have been thinking if and how I should respond to this. Assuming the response actually came from Stu. I am concerned it is not him because of the use of the word “allege” and other info that is factually incorrect. But I will leave it up to “Stu”. Please prove it is you. Maybe tell me who made the SRP radios, what happened to that company and how were they chosen for the SRPs? And why you would think the radios, ext radio equipment environmental survivability and TEMPEST issues were not legitimate or why they were not in your domain or your responsibility. (Not to suggest you were responsible for any issues. I clearly remember you wanting to do the right things.) There is also the option of contacting me directly which is easy to do. I tried the usual social sites and could not determine one may be you prior to writing this post.

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