“Manual Health Records Put Coast Guard Personnel at Risk”–GAO

The Federal Times is reporting that a GAO study found that two years after a failed $59.9M effort to produce an Electronic Health Record system,

“…the service continues to rely on a paper management system. That poses serious risks for personnel, a new Government Accountability Office report argues.

“According to the report, Coast Guard regional managers and clinic and sick bay administrators warned the GAO they are “unable to adequately track vital information such as medications,” which puts personnel at risk of medical complications.”

I will just note that, I have Kaiser, and they already have an excellent Electronic Health Record system. Maybe we could use theirs.

Does DOD have a system, maybe we could use theirs.

4 thoughts on ““Manual Health Records Put Coast Guard Personnel at Risk”–GAO

  1. In February 2014, ~5,100 Patients Records with Kaiser Permanente were Hacked and another ~49,000 in November of the Same Year, as reported by “Web Smith Studios”. Than in August 2017, another ~600 Patients in California had their Medical Records Hacked, as reported by “The Press Enterprise”.

    • The implication is of course that we should not use their system because it has been hacked. I’m sure there are systems that have not been hacked, but frequently it seems there are no systems that have not been hacked. Perhaps Kaiser learned from the previous attacks and is now stronger for it. At any rate it is currently an effective medical records system.

      Is there a DOD system? Presumably it would meet our requirements.

      The surest way to make sure you are never hacked is to stay with a paper system, but that has problems too. In fact, based on my own now long out of date personal experience, it sucked.

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