6th Annual Maritime Security 2018 East, 2-4 April 2018, Norfolk

I’m just passing this along. Its copied from an e-mail I received as a Surface Navy Association member. The point of contact is Bill Erickson, CAPT, USN(Ret), Executive Director, Surface Navy Association, (703) 960-6800. Would have been nice if the National Cuttermen Association Chapter, Surface Navy Association website had mentioned this.

The 6th Annual Maritime Security 2018 East, to be held 2-4 April 2018 in Norfolk, Virginia, is the sixth installment in the Maritime Security East program series.  As the twenty-fourth maritime security conference hosted by Homeland Security Outlook since 2011, Maritime Security 2018 East furthers a commitment to address the needs of governments, law enforcement, and critical infrastructure to counter the challenges of securing coastlines, inland waterways, and their critical infrastructure.

The Surface Navy Association is proud to be a lead sponsor for this event and will be hosting the luncheon on 4 April 2018. 

Further information along with registration information for the event can be found at http://www.maritimesecurityeast.com/  and luncheon information can be found on SNA’s homepage at http://navysna.org. This event is a great way to learn about port security in the Hampton Roads area for a very reasonable cost. 


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