Zukunft to Congress: U.S. Must be Serious About Icebreaker Acquisition–USNI

The US Naval Institute News service has a report on the Commandant’s appearance before Congress, Tuesday, apparently April 17. (The Commandant did not wait until the last minute to prepare his taxes like I did.)

The commentary seems to suggest there is the possibility of a block buy for all three Heavy Polar Icebreakers.

He discusses not only the Icebreakers but also the budget in general, importation of narcotics, both cocaine and other types, and the need to restore the strength of the Coast Guard Reserve.

The Commandant also reportedly put in a plug for ratification of the UN Convention of Law of the Sea (UNCLOS).

There is a misstatement in the report. ” He said Russia is now building two corvettes for its navy to add to the far northern operations of its Border Guard’s 44 icebreakers already in operation, giving it the largest maritime presence in the north.” However it was originally stated, the Russians may have 44 icebreakers, but they do not all belong to the Border Guards–the Russian equivalent of the Coast Guard. I doubt the Commandant would have made that mistake.

4 thoughts on “Zukunft to Congress: U.S. Must be Serious About Icebreaker Acquisition–USNI

  1. I don’t think the Problem is convincing the American People, But the US Congress. Which look at an Icebreaker as a Freighter that can Operate In Ice (i.e. Not being Sexy enough)…

    • Having watched a few of the Congressional hearings it seems we have at least a few Representatives who are very supportive, but perhaps in the Congress in general I think it is more likely it is not about particular programs, it is more, “Coast Guard, I haven’t been getting complaints about them, so obviously they don’t need any more money.” The budget is so complex, I suspect they don’t think about it in much detail.

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