Worth Reading–25 May, 2018

Ince Inebolu missile attack

Photo: Damage to the Turkish-flagged bulk carrier Ince Inebolu after last weeks missile attack. –Reuters

Ran across a number of post of interest to Coast Guard readers. Nothing I felt I needed to comment on, but perhaps interesting.

“IMO approves new Inmarsat advance in maritime safety services”–MarineLink”

“Pirate Attacks Grow in South America and Caribbean” MarineLink

“INMARSAT Faces US Chinese Competition in Maritime Safety” MarineLink

“Missile Struck Turkish Ship Off Yemen, EU NAVFOR Official Says” gCaptain

“Canada Announces New Measures to Enhance Safety of Marine Navigation” gCaptain

“Pence Warns Coast Guard Graduates of the Perils Facing the US” Navy Times

“Saildrones Voyage Into Remote Waters” Baird Maritime

“IMO Okays US-Russian Bering Strait Routing Plan” MarineLink

“Sinking of the US Cargo Vessel El Faro, Illustrated Digest” NTSB pdf

A couple of new boats.:



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