Administration Considers Diversion of CG budget to Southern Border Protection

A small news story from the Washington Post, that the administration is considering transferring some of the Coast Guard’s budget allocation to other parts of the Department of Homeland Security.

Most of the funding would go to Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which also is part of Homeland Security. The department has the authority to move money around between its components and may also shift other funding to pay for ICE operations.

The Coast Guard message stated that $77 million could be shifted and that several courses of action have been presented to Adm. Karl Schultz, the Coast Guard commandant. The Coast Guard Reserve also “may be required to provide a contribution,” the message said.

Not the first time diverting money from the Coast Guard has been considered. $77M is not a lot of money, but perhaps they would be better off diverting ICE personnel now manning check points well inside the US border that have mostly proven good at catching minor amounts of marijuana.

3 thoughts on “Administration Considers Diversion of CG budget to Southern Border Protection

  1. as a former coastie and someone who has stopped many an illegal. Cubans/Haitians, I do not want our much needed funds to go to another agency, especially not ice.

  2. As the wall, ICE, CBP, and all the land routes get locked down, where do we suppose the migrants will look to try to come, hmmm???

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