Narco-Subs–Covert Shores

Fiberglass four-man craft is typical of recent LPVs. Seized by Steadfast in the Eastern Pacific. Source: Dvids

The website “Covert Shores” has a couple of posts that purportedly show the latest fashion in drug smuggling vessels, here and here. Some great photos.

Might also find this interesting, “Narco Sub 101”

Covert Shores has been added to my “Recommended Blogs” list.

8 thoughts on “Narco-Subs–Covert Shores

  1. As I recall the USS Monitor was a Semi-Submersible Vessel. But technology “Kermar 16”, owned by Kerr-McGee Oil and Gas, was the First Semi-Submersible (i.e. “Out-of-Line-of-Sight” Vessel) built in 14 November 1947 and operated of the Louisiana Coast…

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