Call for Articles: Bringing Back Sea Control–CIMSEC

Center for International Maritime Security (CIMSEC) had issued a call for articles on the topic of bringing back sea control. Here is a copy of their post.

By Dmitry Filipoff

Articles Due: September 3, 2018
Week Dates: September 10-14, 2018

Article Length: 1000-3000 words 
Submit to:

Great power competition is back, and with it new demands for capability and deterrence. After years of focusing on power projection and low-end missions, many first rate navies have allowed high-end skillsets to erode. As security priorities shift, navies too must change.

One vital mission for winning and deterring great power conflict is sea control, the ability to secure command of the seas. Today sea control has morphed into something of enormous complexity. It can be a convoluted contest, with platforms and payloads projecting influence across multiple domains. Navies are ever more reliant on electronic effects for warfighting functions, turning cyberspace and electronic warfare into pivotal battlegrounds for sea control. Sea control is the sum of many elements of oceanic warfare, requiring diverse skills and tactics.

In spite of technological change, sea control will remain an important mission so long as the oceans remain crucial to human progress. It is the vital prerequisite for projecting power and securing access via the maritime domain. It can enable blockades and commerce raiding, allowing a navy to exert tremendous pressure on a nation’s vitality. Sea control is a mission as timeless as naval power itself, and one deserving of thorough preparation.

How can the navies of today revitalize their sea control capabilities? How can they become proficient in high-end missions and tactics? What will achieving sea control require, and how best to use it once attained? Authors are encouraged to consider these questions and more as navies around the world reconsider their development in the context of renewed great power competition.

Dmitry Filipoff is CIMSEC’s Director of Online Content. Contact him at

This is an opportunity for some of our readers here to express their opinions and practice their writing skills.

Does the Coast Guard have a role? I think so. Sea Control first has to be won and the USN is prepared for that fight, but it also has to be exercised. That requires a lot of low tech grunt work, not unlike boarding fishing boats. It requires separating good guys from bad guys who may try to conceal their true nature. We did this off Vietnam as part of Operation MarketTime. The Navy really has few units capable of this sort of work, but it is the sort of work the Coast Guard does every day.

I have worked with Dmitry Filipoff and he is a good guy. Time to start writing.

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