“NarcoSub 08-2018”–Covert Shores

Rear-cockpit ‘hybrid narco-sub’ had been intercepted by the USCG cutter Mohawk on 3rd July 2018. Photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Brandon Murray, USCG

Covert Shores provides the latest in a series, looking at the craft used by drug smugglers in recent interdictions, with particular emphasis on the emergence of hybrid, high-speed, cockpit aft, outboard powered craft.

Not exactly the typical low profile self propelled semi-submersible, but definitely low observable if they are not making a visible wake. Maybe their tactic is a combination of sprint and drift?

3 thoughts on ““NarcoSub 08-2018”–Covert Shores

  1. US Navy appears to have a Grand Total of ONE Semi-Submersible Vessel called the CCH (Combatant Craft Heavy) “Sealion”. Approximately 80-feet long by ~14.5-feet breadth by ~9.5-feet from keel to Deck House Ceiling, Dry Weight ~65,000-pounds and a Wet Weight of ~80,000-pounds. Accommodations Seven…

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