5 thoughts on “Navy Looking for a New Uniform–Comments on Ours?

  1. I left in 2000. I wish we had the present work uniform. the uniform I wore was the same as the garbagemans. looked like crap even pressed. the current work uniform looks much more professional. of course I came up with a tour in usn when we still did dungerees.

  2. only bad thing about dungerees, could not wear off base, same with garbageman suit. and I admit I missed crackerjacks when it came to dress gear. kept a set for years till they “disappeared” during a pcs move. still waiting for the claims check on that., any day now;)

  3. The tucked version looked better / more professional, in my opinion. I’m torn between looking professional and functionality, because I’d really like to see some hi-viz tape/color, especially around the shoulders/neck area.

    The cap is fugly. I would like to see a functional and sharper-looking cap. The green-lined bills to cut glare would be an asset, as would making the bill longer, wider, and more square. The crown needs stiffeners or something to help it retain shape over time. Let officers wear epaulette-size insignia on them, and bring back unit-identification, even if it is by velcro, so personnel do not have to buy a new cap every time they change assignments.

  4. I was never a fan of the look of either version of the ODUs. The first time I saw a male wearing the untucked ODUs I almost yelled at him for wearing a maternity uniform. Unless you’re shaped like a stick the ODUs are horrible looking. If you’re lucky you only look like you’re wearing a pair of pajamas – if you’re unlucky you’re wearing a uniform that accentuates and highlights every “un-military” looking curve, crease, and bump on your body.

    As much as I hated how they looked – I’ve got to say that the ODUs were extremely comfortable to wear, even if I did look like I was getting ready to hit the rack…

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