Estonia’s Hybrid Patrol Boat

MarineLink reports on a new patrol boat for the Estonian Coast Guard, only slightly smaller than the Webber class WPCs. What makes this vessel unique, is the use of a hybrid propulsion plant. It can operate in diesel, diesel-electric, or battery powered modes. Reportedly the maximum speed is 27 knots while the electric modes allow quiet, economical, low emissions cruising at up to 10 knots.

“The needs of the patrol boat made it an excellent project to build as a hybrid vessel. For example, the hybrid electric benefit of engine redundancy is important for the Estonian Coast Guard — in case of engine failure, you can switch to diesel-electric or batteries — while you also have improved fuel efficiency, and much lower noise levels in diesel-electric and fully-electric modes when compared to big diesel engines, which is a big benefit for the crew.”

They see these vessels as multi-mission, but there is a strong emphasis on pollution detection.

“While the wave-piercing ship will also be used for patrolling, firefighting and search and rescue missions in Estonian waters, its main role will be monitoring and responding to pollution threats, using state-of-the-art radar that can detect surface contamination, such as oil spills, from up to five miles away.”

5 thoughts on “Estonia’s Hybrid Patrol Boat

  1. Not really the first of its kind, but definitely part of a trend.

    An earlier example is the 3 French 700-ton cutters in the Caribbean, which have hybrid electric drive up to 8 knots. You’d mentioned them before.

  2. This form of propulsion is definitely part of fast growing trend, which the USN is behind the power curve on (pardon the pun). See also the power plants in both the T-AGS51 class and T-AGS60 class survey ships which MSC operates and had versions back in the 1990s~
    All the better to conduct long range patrols while being super fuel efficient

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