New OPV for the Philippines

The Philippines has a requirement for six new ocean-going Offshore Patrol Vessels, and the Austal shipyard in the Philippines is making an offer.

Their design is 81.7 meters (268 feet) in length overall, with a beam of 13.3 meters (43.6 feet), and a draft of 4 meters (13.1 feet), so, similar in size to the Bear class cutters, with perhaps slightly greater displacement. The illustration shows a ship armed with a 76mm Oto Melara Super Rapid naval gun, and two auto-cannon. It has a helicopter landing deck but no hangar.

It is apparently equipped with a stern boat ramp and boat davit starboard.

There is no information on speed, but I would guess 20 to 22 knots on a pair of diesels.

15 thoughts on “New OPV for the Philippines

  1. Larsen & Toubro of New Deli, India are to supply both the Leonardo 76.2×635.5mm/62-caliber “Super Rapid” Naval Artillery Gun and the Oerlikon KBA-25x137mm/80-caliber Autocannons..

  2. Isn’t the Philippine’s OPV similar to the USCG’s 210’s and 270’s. If the Philippines wanted something like the 270’s and 210’s, I would think I would put them on the first block offer to them, when our new OPC comes on line.

    • You’re forgetting about the Philippines New Found Wealth (i.e. Submarine Oil Reserve). Now the Philippines have HARD Cash to buy NEW for what ever they want…

      • They have the Cash, but is Europe willing to see Submarines to the Philippines who have questionable Human rights record. I don’t think the Philippines can afford Submarines from Europe. Maybe South Korea or Russia.

      • There’s the Chinese and the Russians to buy from too. Russia needs the Hard Currency…

      • I doubt the Chinese will sell Military gear to their Rivals. Russia on the other hand, will because they want the money business and port access.

      • The Philippine placed a order for ~44 Norinco Type ZTD-05 Light Amphibious Tanks, with 105mm Guns. And the Russian sold Two “Kilo” class Submarines to the Philippine Navy in August 2018…

    • @Secundius, This only indicates that the Philippines is in talks with the Russians. Also that they are talking to the French and Koreans as well. They are interested in adding subs to their fleet, but from what I have seen, Philippine procurement decisions can take a while, just as in the US.

      • Delivery date is expected to be sometime in 2023. Considering they have to be built first, and knowing Russian Construction Times of building anything Reliable is no same undertaking by the Russians…

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