New Swedish Ice Breaking Tug

36 meter hybrid-electric icebreaking escort tug Vilja for Sweden’s Port of Luleå launched Oct 8, 2018 at GONDAN Shipyard in Figueras, Spain.

MarineLink reports the launch of a new icebreaking tug built in Spain for a Swedish port. At 36 meters (118 feet) they are a bit smaller than our nine Katmai Bay class 140 foot icebreaking tugs, but substantially larger than the eleven 65 foot tugs.

They claim an ability to break up to a meter of ice at three knots. That is more than the claim for the Katmai Bay class, but that does refer to fresh water which might be harder.

Reported missions are ice management, escort, ship assist, coastal towing, firefighting and navigation aids service duties.

The new tug is equipped with a hybrid propulsion system that will include two diesel main engines, shaft generators/motors and batteries for energy storage claimed to provide operational flexibility that will produce significant fuel, emissions and maintenance savings.

In addition, with an expected bollard pull of about 100 metric tons in diesel-mechanical mode when including battery boost capacity, this tug will be the most powerful icebreaking escort tug of this size in the world with hybrid/electrical propulsion.

Perhaps Tups can provide us more information.

1 thought on “New Swedish Ice Breaking Tug

  1. That’s a Robert Allan TundRA 3600 design; they have done a few already with minor variations:

    One metre (3⅓ ft) at three knots is quite a lot for a 36-metre (118 ft) vessel regardless of power, but I guess the harbor tug will mainly operate in broken ice. The example below is from the more extreme end, but the small vessel motions in thick ice become rather large.

    The hybrid-electric “boost” will be useful in difficult ice conditions as the diesel engines are mechanically coupled to the propellers; it will iron out torque variations from propeller-ice interaction.

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