Russian CG and Ukrainian Navy Go to Blows.

A couple of reports of a nasty incident that culminated in the seizure of three Ukrainian naval vessels. This may be worth watching. It is another assault on Freedom of Navigation.

“Tension escalates after Russia seizes Ukraine naval ships”

“Russia blocks passage in Kerch Strait Near Crimea, Deploys Su-25 Jets And Ka-52 Attack Helicopters.”


8 thoughts on “Russian CG and Ukrainian Navy Go to Blows.

  1. Not Navy, Russian Coast Guard. Saw the stream of collision? Here:
    I’ve served last century in Op dept of similar cutter in RCG and been OOD qualified. Not maintaining Russian citizenship anymore, I have to say the COs of those two Russian cutters were obviously ordered to drop the boarding party in typical Russian (though forbidden by the manuals) way, i.e. on closest alongside cources, near collision, with no whaleboats, RHIBs or helos – just pure jump from board to board while underway. Extremely dangerous for the party members but it works usually by the huge psychological effect imposed on boarded crew. But “Don” captain knows little enough about his cutter’s pivot point location… No wonder: skills of RCG officers were deteriorated considerably since my time…

  2. Thanks in turn Chuck. Formally the new title fits better. But eventually, given the fact that Russian Coast Guard had always been “the alternative navy” of the regime and never aimed on those permanent coast guard things like SAR or nautical regulation (there was and still is the border control as main aim instead), you can call it (another) Russian navy;-) Moreover, near all RCG officers graduated naval colleges (just like me) and only then were been commissioned in CG.

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