“Coast Guard Cadet Exchange Building Partnerships in the Pacific” –USNI

U.S. Coast Guard Academy cadets with their hosts at the Korean Coast Guard Academy in 2018.

The US Naval Institute has an article by a Coast Guard Academy cadet, Drew Cheneler, who, along with three others, had an eight day exchange tour with the South Korean Coast Guard. He relates his experience and came away with a suggestion.

“The Coast Guard should consider establishing a Pacific office in South Korea, to improve joint training in maritime inspections and investigations and support efforts to combat China’s illegal and gray-zone maritime activities. The IMTB has working relationships with other Pacific partners, including the coast guards of Bangladesh, Indonesia, and the Singapore Police. Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines have received transfer of former U.S. Coast Guard high-endurance cutters, as well.

“Making these arrangements less ad hoc through the opening of such offices only makes sense, as they would not be a direct, offensive threat to China or anyone else. A regional Pacific IMTB office would train foreign partners in maritime safety, natural resource protection, and maritime mobility. It would improve prevention of and response to fatal maritime accidents.”

S. Korean CG traing ship Badaro

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