Waterways Commerce Cutter Update

USCGC Smilax (WLIC-315), commissioned 1944

Here is a link to a power point style update on the Waterways Commerce Cutter apparently given at the Navy League’s Sea-Air-Space Exposition, 7 May, 2019.

They are hoping for initial operational capability for the new vessels in FY2024 and full operational capability (which I interpret as all the new vessels in commission FY2030.

Thanks to Lee for bring this to my attention. 

3 thoughts on “Waterways Commerce Cutter Update

  1. What ever happened to all that money the CG gave the Corps of Engineers years ago to solve this same problem?

    • For inland waterways that might seem appropriate, but the Juniper and Keeper coastal and seagoing bouy tenders have multiuse capability that would be hard to replace. One could split the tasks, splitting only the island waterways off, but will the now orphan mission wither and die. Only good home for inland waterways AtoN would seem the Army Corps, but I don’t foresee a good future if the split isn’t well thought out. The current administration isn’t the first or the last to short change orphan “non-sexy” programs. At least as it is now there is single organization to answer for it all, and even then it gets questionable support.

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