Surface Navy Association, 2019 West Coast Symposium, San Diego, 22 August

HMAS Success (AOR-304) refuelling probe goes in for a hook-up with the US Coast Guard Cutter USCGC Waesche (WMSL-751) as the Royal Australian Navy Auxilliary Oiler Replenishment Ship conducts a dual RAS (Replenishment at Sea) off the coast of Hawaii during the Sea Phase of Exercise RIMPAC 2014, 19 July 2014. (RAN Photo by Leading Seaman Brenton Freind RAN)

The Surface Navy Association will have their 2019 West Coast Symposium on 22 August at Pier 2 Naval Base, San Diego. Info is here.

It is only a one day event. There is a Coast Guard focused session, 1315-1400. VAdm Fagan, COMPACAREA, has been invited to speak, but his apparently not been confirmed. The rest of the discussions look to be Navy specific, with not much interest to a Coast Guard audience so there should be plenty of time to see any exhibits.

You do have to register early to get access.

All registrations made to us after 1200 EST August 7, 2019 will not be on access list and will NOT be permitted on base without an escort.

Please remember that all persons in the vehicle must have a photo ID and must be a government issued ID, such as driver’s license or official state issued ID, or official federal government issued ID. The driver must have a current automobile registration.

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