ex-USCGC Bramble Arrested, Now Up for Sale, Dec. 4

USCGC Bramble (WLB-392), USCG photo

Maritime Executive has as a short article about what has become of the former USCGC Bramble, a buoy tender that transited the North West Passage in 1957 along with USCGC Spar and USCGC Storis.

Museum ships are certainly desirable, but they are very hard to keep in presentable condition. Two very significant and unique museum ships, USS Olympia and USS Texas, have been constantly on the brink of failure. In addition to a fairly large number of light ships, we are fortunate to have Taney at the Baltimore Maritime Museum, in Baltimore, Maryland, and Ingham in Key West.

Thanks to Paul for bringing this to my attention.Β 

3 thoughts on “ex-USCGC Bramble Arrested, Now Up for Sale, Dec. 4

  1. Sadly Mr & Mrs Klingler sold the USCG BRAMBLE for 8 times what they bought it for at $195,000 and the investment Klingler put in it was (1) Drydocking, down at Nicholson Terminal & Dock Company in River Rouge, Mi for insurances reason and few items a generator’s here and their. But The USCG BRAMBLE was already in Excellent Shape when bought from Port Huron Maritime Museum which was donated by USCG for FREE. So Klingers, Still does not Add up to Profiting for 8 Times?, That called Greed. When they said it was 1 in a billion buyers, Really Means its 1 in billion suckers paying that kind of money for a 74 Years old Vessel. Robert R. Klingler you should be ashamed of yourself.

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